Chateau Coupe Roses Wine Dinner Saturday May 13

Chateau Coupe Roses Wine Dinner with Francoise Le Calvez:  Saturday May 13 8:00 reception, 8:30 dinner $75 per guest (15% less for wine club members).  Reserve 816-842-2660 or

Francoise Le Calvez's Chateau Coupe Roses, in the tiny village of La Caunette, Languedoc is one of our favorite wine estates.  Her family has lived and farmed this land in southern France for twelve generations.  She and her oenoligist husband, Pascal Frissant, make lovely wines from high elevation vineyards near Minerve.  Her red Minervois wines are spicy, purely fruity blends of Grenache (locally called Granaxa), Syrah and Carignan that are balanced with lovely acidity.  We'll have four of her reds as well as a crisp, delicious blend of Grenache Blanc and Muscat and the just released 2016 rosé!

Wines for the dinner (menu coming soon!):

Chateau Coupe Roses "Champ de Roy" Blanc Minervois '15
Chateau Coupe Roses "Frémillant" Rosé, Minervois '16
Chateau Coupe Roses "Bastide" Minervois '15
Chateau Coupe Roses Granaxa Minervois '12
Chateau Coupe Roses Cuvée Vignals Minervois '14
Chateau Coupe Roses Cuvée Orience Minervois '12

Jenny & Francois Wine Dinner Tuesday April 25

Jenny & Francois Wine Dinner with Daniel Sutton
Tuesday April 25, 2017
6:30 Reception, 7:00 Dinner
$75 per guest (15% less for wine club members)
Reserve:  816-842-2660 or

We're excited to host Daniel Sutton of Jenny & Francois Selections for our April wine dinner!  Jenny & Francois imports some of the top natural wines produced in Europe by small, farmer winemakers, and also distributes some exciting wines from like-minded winemakers in California, Oregon and New York.  Thanks to these producers, and importers like Jenny & Francois, natural wine has become one of the most discussed and enjoyed subjects in the wine world.  We will be bringing in some of the most allocated and exciting wines (see below) for the dinner, many of which have never been available in Missouri.  

Natural wine is grown as organically as possible, with nothing added or taken away in the winery.  The wines are unfiltered and don't have excessive amounts of sulfur dioxide, enzymes, oak chips, or synthetic yeasts added to them.  They can be wonderfully bold and expressive, with evocative aromas and flavors that marry perfectly with food (which makes sense, since natural wines are food).  These are wines made without shortcuts, corrections or makeup which means that the farming has to be done with great care and the winery work must be very clean and precise.  We think that such perfectionism pays off with these truly great wines!

To be poured at the dinner:

Alice Beaufort "Le Petit Beaufort Millesime" (from Champagne, France or very close to it)
Maria & Sepp Muster Sauvignon Vom Opok Styria, Austria
Domaine Plageoles Ondenc Gaillac, France
Vini Viti Vinci Irancy, Burgundy, France
Domaine de la Tournelle "Corvees" Trousseau Jura, France
Jerome Jouret "L'Accroche Coeur" Vin de France
Coturri Syrah Mendocino, California

Menu coming soon!  Reserve now!